Our HOUSE will EXPLODE if we CUT WRONG WIRE! Brother Casey Helps YouTubers vs EMP Escape


After Chad Wild Clay made "WHICH ONE is My BROTHER? Face Reveal Unmasking of CWC Casey Wild Clay", Vy Qwaint created "My HOUSE is TRAPPED in an EMP Force Field! Agent Peters Pranked me to QUIT Search for Chad's Brother", Daniel Gizmo uploaded "Underwater 100 ISbothsr Mystery Buttons but Only One Lets You Escape...", and Melvin PZ9 filmed "Gaming Outside cuz My House is a Trapped in an EMP Force Field! Playing BedWars in Roblox" The Spy Ninjas now have Chad's brother Casey to help them disable the E.M.P! The Spy Ninjas head down the hatch and see what they have to do. Chad and Melvin have to come up with a plan to get the E.M.P upstairs and while the rest of the crew works to stop the E.M.P from going off. Down in Melvin's gaming room Vy must lock pick the E.M.P and does it successfully, but when the E.M.P is opened up Casey realizes that Agent Peters is using plutonium and that the E.M.P is a lot more dangerous than they had initially thought. They close it back up, meet up with Chad and Melvin, and put the device on the device Chad and Melvin made to get the EMP upstairs. Now it's up to Vy to cut the wires on the E.M.P with the help of Regina. One by one they cut the wires with the device getting crazier with each wire they cut! It comes down to the last one and Vy and Regina are able to successfully shut down the E.M.P! Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy adventure vlog videos in 2021!

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