HOW TO Escape the Force Field Hackers Put Around the Safe House in Roblox?


After Chad Wild Clay made "HELP US STOP HACKERS in ROBLOX - SPY NINJAS vs Project Zorgo", Vy Qwaint created "HACKING into The Private Server of the Project Zorgo Hackers Deleting Roblox Accounts", Daniel Gizmo uploaded "WE FOUND REAL LIFE HACKERS Trying To Hack Roblox and Steal Accounts", and Melvin PZ9 filmed "YOU LOSE, YOU EAT! Pizza Simulator in Roblox with Daniel Gizmo & Regina Ginera from Spy Ninjas", the Spy Ninjas are on a mission to stop Project Zorgo from using Roblox to delete everyone's account! Agent Peters and his ex hackers created a server on Roblox to hack people's accounts and steal their Robux. Luckily, Melvin was able to create the safe house in the server so that the spy ninjas can fight hackers in Roblox. Now, you can hack onto PZ's private server and fight hackers too in the Project Zorgo and Spy Ninja Roblox world. In this server, they replicated Las Vegas! They have the black pyramid, the Stratosphere, baseball field, and even the Las Vegas sign! Unfortunately, Agent Peters found out about all of this and created a forcefield around the Spy Ninja Safehouse so that no one can leave it. The spy ninjas and some of their fans are now on a quest to figure out how they can take the force field down. Some fans suggested some conspiracy theories on how to break the force field such as jumping out of the force field on the trampoline, using each other to jump off of each other's heads, and digging underneath it with Bob the dummy. Chad, Vy, Regina, Melvin, and Daniel must now bring their hacking, tech, spy, and ninja skills into Roblox and hopefully, figure out how to escape the force field with the help of their fans. Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy adventure vlog videos in 2021!

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    Help us Fight Hackers! FIRST, watch this WHOLE video (don't skip ahead). NEXT, after the video, join us here:

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    Help us fight hacked first which this whole video don't skip ahead next after the video clue house s Chris Pratt Secret spy ninjas vy qwaint Chad wild clay Melvin Regina Daniel gizmo Roblox clue black pyramid clue

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